I’m back, and I see you are too… Welcome!

I have just posted my 8 week sisterlock update video. What I am noticing at 8 weeks is that my hair is starting to look more like locs. I am glad that I was able to start with relaxed ends; however, in my opinion starting with relaxed ends delayed my hair from looking like locs on day one. I have heard others talk about having some shedding issues, so I assumed that I would have that same experience especially since  my hair is relaxed on the ends.  WELL to my surprise I am experiencing minimal shedding. My loctician stated during the Q&A that the relaxed hair will mat up, so I am guessing that is what my hair is currently doing.

Overall I am loving the experience and for a more in-depth update check out the video below. Be sure to subscribe, so you don’t miss any more videos :).

8 Week New Sisterlock Installation Journey

Link to 8 week Sisterlock Update

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