About Me Tag and 10 Week Sisterlocks Installation Update

I’m back and I see you are too!!

I am interested in sharing more about myself with you all, so I  answered 50 random question all about me very honest. When I say honest I mean very honest lol. It was easy for me to share a little bit of myself with you all.
If I could speak to my middle school self… I would say love the dark chocolate melanin skin that you are in!! Being dark was not “in”. I can’t tell you how many times I was told you are pretty to be dark skinned.What does that even mean ?!?  Consequently, there are a lot of people still carrying around that scared and scarred child within them as adults. If this is you, I am PLEADING with you to free yourself today. It is time for you to break out of your “cocoon” and transform into the unique butterfly that you were created to be. You will always have support here to help you do so!!
Society definitely has its way of trying to put you in a category. Please don’t mess around and be unique.. now that is just strange ?. Being unique is freeing and it means that you will never compare to someone else! We weren’t created to be exactly alike that is why there are different skin tones, sizes, shapes, personalities, and the list goes on.
10 week sisterlock update on relaxed, thin, fine, and low density hair. I am not noticing a lot of changes with my hair. I can say that I love my hair and wish that I would have been more knowledgeable a long time ago about sisterlocks. If you are considering sisterlocks or traditional locs what’s stopping you for getting them?
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