Finding a Sisterlocks Consultant/Practitioner or Loctician 

Deciding to get locs is a hard decision for some people; therefore, once you make the decision to get locs now you must decide who will do them. Unfortunately, this decision can be just as difficult as making the decision to get locs. As a result of your decision to get locs you now have to find a sisterlocks consultant or loctician.

Tips to Finding a Sisterlocks Consultant/Practitioner or Loctician 

I have a few recommendations that will hopefully make your search for a consultant/practitioner or loctician less stressful. While getting recommendations from other people is great there is still some work to be done. As a a result of getting good recommendations the amount of time spent searching for different consultants/practitioners or locticians has decreased tremendously. The tips are as follows:

  1. Get recommendation for other loc’d individuals (family, friends, strangers).
    1. I recommend scheduling appts with at least 2 sisterlocks consultants/practitioners or locticians.
  2. Once you have a few recommendations go and stalk (lol) their work on social media or their website.
    1. If you are getting sisterlocks please visit the sisterlocks website  this will help to ensure you are going to a trained sisterlocks professional.
  3. Make sure you have pics of  different locs types that you like. This will help your consultant/practitioner or loctician gauge your expectations and the look you are hoping to achieve.
  4. Compile a list of questions for your appointment with your consultant/practitioner or loctician.
    1. It is especially relevant that you know what is important to in you in a consultant/practitioner or loctician. Like their appt scheduling process, do they wash your hair prior to establishment and follow-up visits, are they a licensed cosmetologist, etc.
  5. The pre-work is done now it’s time to schedule appt(s) with the consultant/practitioner or loctician.

Day of Consultation 

This is where know what is important to you comes into play. You will be spending a lot of time with the individual that is doing your installation/establishment, so it is imperative that you all have a connection. It’s great that they do good work! Your connection with them is JUST as important!! Make sure you ask all the questions you have too to be comfortable with your decision to move forward. The start of your journey is important and vital to the continued success of your loc journey.

Your Thoughts/Feedback?

Please let me know if this information is helpful? or If I missed something that you felt was valuable to you while going through the process of finding a sisterlocks consultants/practitioners or locticians. We are here to support one another’s loc journey :).


Finding a Sisterlocks Consultant Practitioner or Loctician 

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