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I’m back and I see you are too!! Welcome!!

Today, Mia is 3 weeks into her sisterlock journey. She has enjoyed her locs thus far and glad that she has them. Mia said that she enjoys her locs because she does not have to get her hair washed every 2 weeks lol.. She is having some slippage in the nape area. Her hair is also very frizzy. I expected the frizziness, so we will see if it decreases after her first wash. It may be because I am putting her hair in a pineapple at night. I will start having her wear her bonnet at night without doing the pineapple method.

Mia’s first wash will be this weekend, no later than next weekend. She is not having any dry scalp issue at this time. Mia will be going in three more weeks for her first re-tightening. Our sisterlock practitioner (Keondra) will have some work to do lol.. Mia said that she has gotten a lot of great reception at school. She does not have any friends that are natural or with locs. I am so excited that she has had such a great experience while on her loc journey. We am so proud of Mia for embracing her natural self, especially in an environment where she stands out more than most.

I am very surprise that she is having slippage because her hair is very coarse. I tried to compare her hair journey to mine and it is obviously different. It is true that everyone’s journey is their own and no two are alike. This is the beauty of a loc journey. Purple Butterfly Squad is inspired by this exact notion that we are all UNIQUE beautiful BUTTERFLIES!!


  • Do you have child(ern) with locs or natural hair? How has their experience been so far?

Until next time: Peace, Love & Locs

Link to Mia’s 3 week update

2 thoughts on “Mia’s 3 Week Sisterlocks Installation- Thick|Coarse|Relaxed Hair|Relaxed Ends”

  1. Hi! Congratulations on you and Mia’s new hair journey! My son and I recently embarked in a similar voyage. I have been sisterlocked for 9 months and my son has traditional locs which are 10 months old.

    He has sensory issues and Autism so cutting his hair was a never ending battle, the decision to get locs was all his idea and we have not looked back. He loves them! The transition was seamless and he has an amazing loctician who is gentle and patient.

    We are both enjoying watching our hair grow and he is taking an active role in the care of his hair. Having locs has also helped him socially as people ask him about them quite a bit.

    1. Congratulations on you and your son’s journey. That is awesome that he made the decision to get locs. I bet they are beautiful! A great loctician makes the process so enjoyable. Isn’t it amazing how something that is so insignificant to most people helps him.

      My daughter has been sisterlocks 13 weeks and I have been sisterlocks 19 weeks. It has been an exciting journey. My daughter has really embraced her natural hair. She is loving it and she likes when people ask her about her hair.

      I really enjoyed your story and thank you for sharing. Make sure to subscribe to the website and youtube channel, so we can keep in touch.

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