I’m back and I see you are too.. Welcome!!

Today, I would like you all to join me in welcoming my daughter (Mia) to the sisterlock/loc family. Mia started her journey 4/28/17 and establishment was completed on 4/29/17. 12 hours and 524 sisterlocks later she was done!! Mia was 5 months post relaxer prior to establishment. Her hair was a smidge passed her shoulders at the time of establishment. Mia’s have is very thick and coarse hair. Her sisterlocks are small and medium in size.

Mia is a preteen and she wanted sisterlocks initially because she didn’t want to have her washed every 2 weeks LOL.. When she was done I asked her 3 questions.

1. Do you like your hair?
2. Do you feel confident?
3. Do you feel beautiful?

She answered YES, to all the questions!! I am a very proud parent!! I want her to always be confident and feel beautiful in her skin!! I have posted a video of Mia’s installation below. Be sure to subscribe to follow your journey.

Mia's New Sisterlock Installation Journey

Link to Mia’s New Sisterlock Installation¬†

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